Welcome to the world of unlimited shopping with Sprint’s SHOPZIPX! As a SHOPZIPX customer, you will be provided with a physical USA address for your personal or corporate needs.

While shopping online or by telephone, all you need to do is provide the supplier with your name, account number and USA address.

With our affiliates in the USA, we will arrange for a safe pick-up and a prompt delivery from your USA address to Grand Cayman via our dedicated daily plane.

As you explore the internet and buy from the most popular online shopping networks in the USA, your virtual mall is at your fingertips!

We have the only dedicated daily plane and the flexibility for the fastest transport to Grand Cayman.

Rates (Prices are in USD)

Service Fees
Actual Weight Charge $6.00 1st lb + $5.50 ea additional lb
Dimensional Weight (DIM Weight)* Actual weight chgs + $ 4.00/lb for the
difference in the actual & dimensional weight
Delivery $6.00 up to 25lbs (GT area rate)
Dutiable Goods Applicable Cayman Islands Government Duty
Insurance $1.00 per $100 value or part thereof
Clearance $6.00 per package

* It is standard airline industry practice to apply dimensional weight fees if a package is very large in size, but light in weight. The formula for calculating dimensional weight is: length x width x height ÷ 139.

Important: All shipping and duty charges are due upon collection or delivery of your shipment. Packages will not be released until payment has been received.

Getting Started

Signing up for SHOPZIPX has never been easier!

  1. Simply visit our website to access our automated application form, or ask one of our friendly staff for a copy.
  2. Fill out and submit your application. Your application will be approved same day and then you will be provided with your USA address.
  3. Start shopping!

What You Should Know Before Placing an Order

SHOPZIPX Account Number

To ensure your package is not refused in Miami, always request that your supplier includes your SHOPZIPX account number as part of your shipping address.

This is the account number you will be supplied with by Sprint Express. The prefix number “22” will identify the shipment as a Grand Cayman shipment. The next 4-5 digits are your local Grand Cayman account number, i.e. 22-0001.

Express Your Package

If you want to expedite your delivery time and track your package, ask your supplier to express your shipment to your SHOPZIPX address using an express company such as: IBC, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc…

Once you place your order and receive a tracking number from your vendor, you can enter it online at to track your shipment to our Grand Cayman office.

Enclose an Invoice

If you are ordering from the Internet, print a copy of your final order with the total and forward it to our office by email to Alternatively, when placing your order, ask your supplier to enclose a commercial invoice in the package, or fax a copy to 345-949-8817.

If your package arrives with no invoice it will be held in Miami and a US$5.00 charge will be billed to your account for the additional handling involved. You should also ask your supplier to send the order complete; otherwise you may have additional shipping charges.

Weight and Size

No matter the weight or size, we will ensure your order is transported in the most economical and fastest way available. We have the daily plane and the flexibility!

Using Your Credit Card Online

Some companies or websites will not accept a billing address outside of the USA when payment is made with a credit card. To avoid this we recommend that you contact your bank and add your SHOPZIPX address as an additional “address reference” on your credit card details. However, please do not change your billing address.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods are restricted commodities on aircrafts and any shipments containing such commodities will be refused in Miami. This includes perfumes and aerosol cans, etc. Please call us for further details.

Prohibited Items

Any items received in Grand Cayman which are prohibited for entry into the Cayman Islands will be seized and destroyed by the Cayman Islands Customs Department. Please call C.I. Customs 345-949-2479 to clarify prohibited items.

Abandoned Packages

We will hold packages in our office for a period of four weeks. If the account holder does not collect the shipment after this period, we will deem it “abandoned” and destroy appropriately.

Insurance for Packages

Packages are not insured to travel from Miami to Grand Cayman. If you would like to purchase insurance, please contact our office.


We have a dedicated daily aircraft to Grand Cayman to ensure precise and speedy delivery. Packages are collected from your address in Miami and brought to Grand Cayman on a daily basis. The standard delivery time from Miami to Grand Cayman is 24 hours. There may, however, be times when the plane is at capacity and merchandise may be delayed until the next available flight. This is particularly true during the holiday season, so please order early to avoid disappointment during this time.

Once on the island, all packages are processed through C.I. Customs. Depending on your arrangement, shipments will be held in our office for pick-up, or delivered to your office or home within Georgetown, Seven Mile Beach or Industrial Park.

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